Comercial Unit

In the Commercial Unit, we are dedicated to the commercialization of the Group's products at an international level from our office in Guatemala City.

What we do

The geographical position of Guatemala is strategically strategic in terms of logistics as it has ports for shipping products in the Pacific Ocean (Puerto San José) and Atlantic (Puerto Santo Tomás de Castilla). This allows us to make deliveries in 2 weeks or less to customers in Europe, South America and North America. In addition, Guatemala has a free trade agreement with the United States, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, among others, which allows them to import products from Guatemala free of tariffs.

It is important for us to establish long-term relationships with our customers by providing a personalized and proactive response to their needs. We differentiate ourselves in the international rubber market by offering homogeneous products highly quoted. Our products are stable and vary less than those offered by international competitors.

We are proud to say that the crumb rubber and natural latex we export from Guatemala, is rated by our customers among the best worldwide in terms of quality and service

Our Products

Crumb Rubber

  • SGR: SGR L
  • SGR CV: SGR CV 50, SGR CV 60
  • SGR 10: SGR 10, SGR CV
  • SGR 20: SGR 20, SGR 20 CV


Concentrated Latex
  • Centrifuged
  • High Ammonium
  • Low Ammonium
  • Double Centrifuged
  • Free of TMTD
  • Vytex
Dry Latex
  • High Ammonium